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  The Fundamentals Of Civil Appeals
Iranian American Lawyers Association - (IALA)
Interview with Dan Sutherland of DHS office of Civil Rights

Los Angeles - (March 2006) IALA also a member of the DHS community outreach committee which started in 2004, interviewed Dan Sutherland, in charge of the office of  Civil Rights & Civil Liberties of the Department of Homeland Security and in charge of the outreach program on KRSI Radio in March 2006. 

In this interview with P. Patrick Ashouri, Mr. Sutherland elaborated on the governments readiness to prosecute all hate crimes including that which may be targeted against the Iranian American Community and encouraged callers and listeners to document and report any incidences of alleged hate crime or civil rights violations immediately. 

The outreach committee meets regularly with representatives of DHS including ICE, TSA, CBP and USCIS among others, to update contacts, learn of new procedures in various offices and inform the authorities of local issues, concerns and challenges. 

IALA has continually advocated for due process and unconditional right to counsel for individuals who are questioned or detained and demanding equal and proportional access and representation by the Community to government assemblies or forums.