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Iranian American Lawyers Association - (IALA)
November 16, 2006 IALA President's message regarding the Importance of Judiciary's Independence

Let me start by thanking all of you, including all members, for the continued support of the Association’s visions and goals by fulfilling our obligations to the community.  The Association has actively informed the community of legal issues of significance, promoted equal access to justice and recognized and delivered competent representation of the Iranian American community.

 More than ever we are challenged with laws implemented post September 11, 2001 which have had pronounced effects on many immigrants.  As attorneys, we have vigorously defended civil and constitutional rights in courts and recognize that the ultimate balance of protecting those rights falls onto the bench's shoulders to impartially uphold these inalienable rights.

The judiciary and its Honorable bench are the final checks and balances of our system of government and when the executive or the legislative branches aspire to issue executive orders or legislation which effects citizen’s rights as applied, it is the courts and their rulings which ultimately provide the remedy to preserve and protect Civil and Constitutional rights.  As attorneys we recognize and appreciate judicial officers who preserve and uphold laws which continue to provide protection of all citizen’s rights.

I am honored to continue to expand the associations’ professional relationships and to work towards building an ongoing awareness of the Iranian American Lawyers’ well earned reputation, ethics and talent as well as leading in advocating for due process and unconditional right to counsel for citizens who are questioned or detained subject to the U.S. laws and demanding equal and proportional access and representation by the Community to government assemblies or forums.

With my warmest regards,
P. Patrick Ashouri, Esq. President
Iranian American Lawyers Association

Thirteen  years of service in the Community

Iranian American Lawyers Association, the first lawyer’s association of Iranian American attorneys in the U.S.,  is a  non-profit organization formed in California in 1994 and based in Los Angeles since.

We maintain active chapters in Orange County and Northern California and have over the past few years offered our services nationwide and have represented immigrants pro bono in Texas, New York and Illinois.  We invite and welcome other Iranian American attorneys or attorney groups in other cities and States who like to start chapters, to contact us and we’ll share tools necessary and the leadership support to steer and maintain the new chapters.
We proudly have a tradition and history of advocating for due process and unconditional right to counsel for those questioned or detained as well as demanding equal and proportional access and representation by the Community to government assemblies or forums.

Since the implementation of post 9-11 immigration and enforcement laws, IALA has continually and successfully demanded and achieved in policy and practice, accountable enforcement in a transparent process. 

We join forces and stand shoulder to shoulder with all those who’s Civil and Constitutional rights were or are at issue as a result of these implementations.

We have long ago expanded and in addition to informing the community of their “Rights”,  have established an understanding and agreement in policy and practice with City, County, State and Federal law enforcement that those “Rights” are inalienable  citizen’s rights.

We continue to offer various programs (radio broadcasts and call-in Q&A law days, radio announcements of deadlines and radio interviews) in informing the Iranian American community of significant legal issues.

We also provide a networking forum for our members. conduct various events (mentor program, CLE programs, general mixers and Gala).  We are exclusively supported by our membership dues and event sponsorships and our members are admitted attorneys, law students and Honorable Bench Officers.