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Iranian American Lawyers Association - (IALA)
About Us

The Iranian American Lawyers Association (IALA), the first lawyer’s association of Iranian American attorneys in the U.S., is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization formed in California. Based in Los Angeles since 1994, IALA has played an important role in the legal community.

IALA is an organization of legal professionals, uniting for collective action, and maintaining honor and integrity in the legal profession,providing pro bono legal services as well as informing the Community of changes in laws and regulations that affects the Community of IALA members.These goals are accomplished through various legal seminars, workshops, radio broadcasts, public service announcements and law day events.

Over fourteen years later, IALA has still maintained its poise in the legal community. IALA is known for the commitment that its members have and the high standards with which its members conduct themselves in the legal profession.

Our services are not exclusive to the Iranian American community and we have traditionally seen the Community as one which we are a part of. We do not exclude our services based on race, religion, national origin, gender or sexual orientation. We whole heartedly believe in equal rights, access to Justice, due process and protection of Civil Rights and Liberties for all Americans alike.

We maintain active chapters in Orange County and Northern California and have over the past few years offered our services nationwide and have represented immigrants pro bono in Texas, New York and Illinois. We invite and welcome other Iranian American attorneys or attorney groups in other cities and States who like to start chapters, to contact us and we’ll share tools necessary and the leadership support to steer and maintain the new chapters.

We are exclusively supported by our membership dues and event sponsorships and our members are admitted attorneys, law students and Honorable active or retired Bench Officers.

In the beginning of the year, its Board of Directors set goals for the upcoming calendar year and designate the committees which must be formed to achieve IALA’s purpose. Former Presidents.

Several of the committees currently formed are:

IALA is heavily dedicated to networking with other professionals in the legal community. Active IALA members accomplish this goal by scheduling mixers and law day functions throughout the year. In addition, every year, IALA sponsors a GALA event with hundreds of lawyers, judges, and legal professionals in attendance.

We would like to invite you, whether you are an Iranian American or not, as a practicing attorney, active or retired judge or law student to join the association. Become a part of our growing network of legal professionals who are involved in Iranian-American legal affairs or interested in Iranian-American Lawyers networking.

We welcome your participation, experience, suggestions and recommendations regarding how we can enhance and expand our outreach to the members of the community. If you are interested in becoming an IALA Board Member, Officer or volunteer (nominations are held every year in the month of September) please forward your inquiry to

Your IALA membership participation, experience, suggestions and recommendations regarding how IALA can enhance and expand our outreach to the members of the community is most welcome. Also, if your interest is in IALA leadership, many opportunities are available and nominations are held every year in SeptemberWe proudly have a tradition and history of advocating for due process and unconditional right to counsel as well as demanding equal and proportional access and representation by the Community to government assemblies or forums. IALA has also continuously taken aggressive steps in confronting unauthorized practice of law as well as unlawful or misleading advertising which could adversely affect the members of the public.

For more information about IALA or if you have a question, please contact us, send an email to or call (323) 37-43-054.

Board of directors

Former presidents