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Iranian American Lawyers Association - (IALA)
Community Services

  • Law Day Events

The association is proudly the successful conductor of its "Law Day" events, which are made up of member attorney sections each covering their respective area of the Law.

The events are conducted live on radio and television and are open to public at large absolutely free of charge. Inquiries from the public about their specific legal questions are screened by volunteer attorneys and are channeled to the appropriate group of attorneys to discuss the issues in the air.

For a list of the past and upcoming Law Day events, please refer to our Events Section.

  • Pro Bono

Certain members of the organization have volunteered and provide pro bono service to the qualified member of the public. When any indigent member of the public call and request help, after screening they will be referred to that particular member who has volunteered for the service.

Our services are not exclusive to the Iranian American community, and we have traditionally seen the community as one which we are a part of. We do not exclude our services based on race, religion, national origin, gender or sexual orientation. We whole heartedly believe in equal rights, protection of civil rights and liberties for all Americans alike.

If in need of Pro Bono services please click here.

  • Government Affairs Committee

Since the implementation of post 9-11 immigration and enforcement laws, IALA has continually and successfully demanded and achieved in policy and practice, accountable enforcement in a transparent process. We join forces and stand shoulder to shoulder with all those who’s Civil and Constitutional rights where or are at issue as a result of these implementations. We have long ago expanded and in addition to informing the Community of their “Rights”, have established an understanding and agreement in policy and practice with City, County, State and Federal law enforcement that those “Rights” are inalienable citizen’s rights.

We proudly have a tradition and history of advocating for due process and unconditional right to counsel as well as demanding equal and proportional access and representation by the Community to government assemblies or forums. IALA has also continuously taken aggressive steps in confronting unauthorized practice of law as well as unlawful or misleading advertising which could adversely affect the members of the public.

  • Los Angeles Office of the FBI Multicultural Advisory Committee (MCAC)

    As such IALA was a co-founder of the Los Angeles Office of the FBI Multicultural Advisory Committee, formed in May 2004.  This committee has met on a monthly basis chaired by P. Patrick Ashouri,  IALA former president (2004 and 2006), current director and in charge of the association’s public relations.  This committee typically deals with Civil Rights and Liberties as well as access to counsel issues as well as issues which surface in the southern California community in relations to the FBI. 
    Mission Statement  “The Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee (MCAC) endeavors to create an environment to facilitate dialogue and enhance the relationship between the FBI and the Community which is based on mutual respect, understanding, and the protection of Constitutional rights and civil liberties.”

    Some of MCAC activities:

    1. Cultural sensitivity issues
    2. Right to counsel in voluntary interviews
    3. Information on FBI’s Name Check unit and process
    4. With the FBI’s help, hosting meetings for key speakers from various State and Federal departments whose function in one way or another had a relationship with the issues we were tracking whether in civil rights, customs, boarder or immigration

  • Los Angeles County Sheriff Department (LASD) Multicultural Advisory Committee

    IALA helped form the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department’s Multi Cultural Advisory Committee earlier back in February 2006.  The committee is designed to create and maintain bridges of dialogue and communication between LASD and the community while respecting individual’s constitutional and civil rights. 

    With local law enforcement being more involved with the Federal immigration laws, it is even more vital to enhance dialogues and relationships.

    IALA continues to advocate for due process and unconditional right to counsel for those questioned or detained as well as demanding equal and proportional access and representation by the Community to government assemblies or forums.

  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Roundtable

    As with the LA-FBI Multicultural Advisory Committee, IALA was one of co-founders of the DHS Office of Civil Rights and Liberties roundtable with the community and its role is limited to the protection of Civil Right and Liberties as well as access to counsel by all detainees whether of Iranian or not.  These round table discussions have been held for the past three years on a bi monthly basis

    Contact: please email inquires to

Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL)

IALA has traditionally taken a strong stand against unauthorized practice of law.  We continually monitor the ethnic media including the Iranian American media for false or misleading advertising,  We often issue Cease & Desist letters to advertisers who’s advertisement is misleading.  IALA is proud to be part of the Los Angeles County District Attorney Office’s Immigration Fraud Task Force which meets regularly to address immigration fraud and unauthorized practice of law issues.

Contact: please email inquires to

  • Pro Bono Committee

IALA in addition to responding to the online inquiries, averages over one thousand telephone calls a year which are answered or responded to by our staff, directing, assisting or directing the callers to the appropriate agency or department for their particular inquiry. As always we welcome volunteer attorneys to assist us in this never ending need of the community for access to justice.  

Additionally IALA members and officers continue to volunteer time at the Los Angeles County Bar Associations’ Barrister Domestic Violence Project.  Volunteers have provided for hundreds of hours of service at the Los Angeles Superior Court staffing the Domestic Violence Project which represents victims of domestic violence to obtain restraining orders and other available legal remedies.

Contact: please email inquires to