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Iranian American Lawyers Association - (IALA)
False and Misleading advertising

Los Angeles - (June 2006) - On a daily basis all of us in our practices and those in the association’s administration strive to maintain the highest degree of professionalism and integrity in our interactions with the Community, Bench and the Bar.

During our over twelve years of honorable service to the Community and our members, we have stood continually committed to take all action necessary to prosecute inappropriate or illegal and misuse in attorney or related advertising which could mislead the community or the public in any shape, form or manner, perpetrated by any attorney, non attorney, group or center as allowed under Federal and California law and California Rules of Professional Conduct as applicable.

The recent incident was reported to us by a member who happened to run across the advertisement mentioned in the attachments.  We couldn’t thank this member enough and would ask all of you that if you run across similar questionable advertisements, to please feel free to report it to us, anonymously if you wish, and rest assured that IALA will take all action necessary to swiftly respond.