Iranian American Lawyers Association (IALA), the first association of Iranian American attorneys in the U.S., is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization formed in California. Based in Los Angeles since 1994, IALA has played an important role in the legal community with a commitment to networking, education and public service.

IALA is an affiliate of the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA) www.lacba.org.  LACBA members receive a special IALA membership discount.  

Mission Statement:
IALA is a non-partisan, non-religious, not-for-profit, professional organization, comprised of qualified legal professionals in good standing, which seeks to empower its members and foster awareness in the community by:
(1) hosting networking events; (2) preserving, protecting and maintaining the integrity of the legal profession; (3) educating members, the legal community and the public; and (4) conducting public service events for the benefit of the community at large.

Membership is extended to practicing lawyers in good standing, judges and law students.  

Other professionals and the community at large are invited to sign-up as Non-member Friends of IALA to remain in contact with IALA, and be able to sign up for various events.

Community at large can benefit from this website's attorney search feature, member posts as well as public service directory and public service events.

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   "DISCLAIMER: Requests or other inquiries regarding legal issues or attorney referrals should not be sent to IALAlawyers@gmail.com or to IALA’s 
    officers, directors, or members. IALA will not respond to any such inquiries. Please be advised that, to the extent that you do transmit any such   
    communications to IALA, or to IALA’s officers, directors, or members, such communications do not give rise to an attorney-client relationship and may 
    be considered a waiver of any privileges or protections (including but not limited to confidentiality, attorney work product, and the like) that might 
    otherwise attach to such communications."

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